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  Civil War Newspaper   


  • You will research, write, and edit one edition of a newspaper that will focus on a specific battle during the civil war.

  • You may type in 1st or 3rd person.



Your newspaper will include the following:

                            1.  News story
                                     -The who, what, when, where, why of the battle (date, number of soldiers, casualties, etc.)
                            2.  Biography of a participant in the battle
                            3.  An Editorial
                            4.  Letter to the editor about the Civil War or your particular battle
                            5.  Pictures that relate to the war and battle
                            6.  Any other information your team discovered about this battle
                            7.  A box for the bibliography.


        1.  Choose a city that is the home of your newspaper.  (This will decide if your newspaper is a Confederate or Union paper)

        3.  Pick your battle.

        4.  Research your battle.

        5.  Write your individual articles.

        6.  Use Microsoft Publisher or another publishing software to create your newspaper.

        7.  Edit your final product.



Helpful Links:

The American Civil War Homepage

Civil War Clipart

Index of Civil War Information

Civil War Photographs

Civil War Quotes



        You must answer the following questions typed from Microsoft Word with your name, date, social studies 8 at top. 

             1.  What was the most difficult part of this assignment?
             2.  What was the most interesting part of this assignment?
             3.  If you could change something about this project, what would you change?




1. Each individual article will be graded on its content, grammar, and creativity.

2. Neatness includes; easy to read font & print doesn't go off page.

3. Everything is included in the paper as stated at the start of this page.