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Mr. Rudman's Web

Saint Mary School

Akron, Ohio


Welcome to the 2007-2008 School year!   Here is some important news:

Follow this link for the Accelerated Reader quiz list.

Please register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card to help support Saint Marys.

1. Register Saint Mary-Akron at or call 1-800-474-4777

2. Enter the School ID# 5004

7th Grade Social Studies 8th Grade Social Studies
Textbook: Human Heritage

Chapter 11 Webquest: Ancient Greece

Chapter 13 Webquest: Ancient Rome

Textbook: The American Journey

Chapter 6 Revolution War Trivia: Questions

Chapter 7 Government Trivia: Civics

Chapter 8 Washington DC: Map

Chapter 11 Webquest: Trail of Tears

Webquest: Civil War Newspaper


7th Grade Language Arts 8th Grade Language Arts

Webquest: Radio Days

Webquest: National Park Brochure

Webquest: Biography


7th Grade Music 8th Grade Music
Webquest: Composers Slideshow

Webquest: The Orchestra

Webquest: Music Copyright

Webquest: Composers Concert Program


7th Grade Health 8th Grade Health

Webquest: Nutrition


Looking for the 29th OVI? Check Here