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  A Webquest for 7th or 8th Grade Language Arts and/or  Social Studies


                  Imagine that you could meet a famous person from history or the present.  What stories would they have to tell?  Have they made a positive or negative impact on the world?  From presidents to pilots, inventors to investors, the famous and the infamous - all have left their unique mark on the world.




                        You will research and form a biography about any person from any chapter in your social studies book. Your final product will be a PowerPoint presentation. You may use any sources needed but must turn in a bibliography. 



                       Your webquest involves the following steps:

1.  You will be given two class periods to research a biography from the  internet. You should visit the library! Copy down as much information as possible. Cut and paste information. 

2.  Visit Internet web sites to find out more about the person.  Be sure to record important and interesting information so that you can use it in your report. 

3. Organize your thoughts into an outline. The outline will be collected. See example outline in your English book on Pg. 24.

4. Maintain a list of all references. You will create and print a bibliography. 

5.  Create a PowerPoint presentation about the person.  

Use these websites to help you in your biographical research.

                            American Presidents

                        Hall of Presidents

                         White House

                        A & E Biography

                        Biographical Dictionary

                        Encyclopedia Britannica

                        Encarta Online

                         History Channel

                        InfoPlease - People

                        Biography Center

                        20th Century Biographies


Use these websites for the musical portion of PowerPoint.

                        Music Clips




- A PowerPoint presentation will be presented to the class.

- Turn in an outline and bibliography.

- Here are some ideas to give you the best grade.







Outline & Bibliography

The report shows substantial knowledge of biographical subject, extensive research, and is logically presented and organized with no grammatical errors. Report covers at least 6 out of the 7 topics. The report shows familiarity with biographical subject,  supports with appropriate references, has a clear sequence and has minimal grammatical errors. Report covers at least 5 out of the 7 topics.


The report shows limited understanding of biographical subject, has a sequence that may be hard to follow, and has some grammatical errors. Report covers at least 4 out of the 7 topics. The report shows little knowledge of biographical subject, lacks organization, and contains many grammatical errors. Report covers less than 4 out of the 7 topics.

Power Point

The presentation has an original, unique approach that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. Concepts are clearly explained showing extensive research. The presentation is clever and creative. Concepts are adequately explained. The presentation has a few original touches and offers limited information. The presentation is predictable and bland. It shows little to no evidence of fact gathering.