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Find these important details to include in your PowerPoint showing.  Make sure you explain to the class



                              1.  Explain why your subject was notable or famous.


                              2.  Tell important facts about his/her childhood as well

                                   his/her adult years.


                              3.  Tell a memorable incident that happened in the 

                                   person's life and why it impressed you.


                              4.  Mention one or two people who were helpful to

                                   this person and how they were helpful.


                              5.  Tell about successes AND failures that this

                                   person experienced.


                              6.  Explain the traits or characteristics that this

                                   person possessed which allowed him/her

                                   to be a success.


                              7.  Do you feel this person made the world a better place

                                   to live in because of what he/she did?  Give examples.