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Ancient Greece Web Quest

                               Opa! During this web quest you will embark on a journey through Ancient Greece! There is so much to learn!

Let our quest begin!

1. Greek Olympics 

On a piece of notebook paper, write the answers to the following questions. Use the following website for answers. You must read VERY CAREFULLY. 

Click here to begin.

1.What did people do when they came to watch the Olympics?

2. How were the Olympics in Ancient Greece like a fair?

3. What is the Bouleuterion?

4. What are the Hellenodikai?

5. What is the significance of Zeus Horikos?

6. Who can enter the horse and chariot games?

7. What is the pentathlon? Briefly describe each event involved.

8.  What important ceremony is performed on Day 3 of the Olympics?

9. What happens to the meat after it is sacrificed?

10. What else happens on Day 3?

11.  What events take place on Day 4? Briefly describe each event.

12.  What happens on Day 5?

13. What is the answer to the final question on the webpage?



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