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Congratulations! Opa!

You have just inherited money from a family member to open a Greek Restaurant!

You must now create a realistic Greek menu for your restaurant- including an accurate Greek name for your establishment and authentic food and drink items. But first, you must become familiar with Greek food and beverages.  Browse the web sites given below to help you gain better understanding of Greek Food.

Your menu must:

include restaurant name, appetizers, main courses, deserts, beverages and prices. Note: You must have 2 items in each catagory. For prices: You decide what would have been valuable. (Gems, Gold, Coins, Marbles, etc...)

include accurate food and drink items that would appear on a menu in Ancient Greece (e.g. no Pepsi) - Same for the menu title! BE GREEK!

be lengthy enough and contain enough information to be viewed as a realistic menu

use Microsoft Word to create. There must be at least 1 picture/clipart. You might consider setting your page for LANDSCAPE. Use TEXTBOXES. You decide on the font and size.

View a student's sample menu

Food in Ancient Greece

Food  Chow Down Ancient Greek style!
Greek Foods and How To Prepare Them   Yummy!
Greek Food Festival
What did the Greeks like to eat?  Most Greeks ate well.  Check it out

Greek food Guide