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7th Grade Social Studies:
7th grade Social Studies will cover world cultures from 200 million years ago up to the Renaissance. Students are responsible for reading and homework.

Use the
Human Heritage textbook website to gain more information and a practice quiz.

Use these links for class internet activities.
Chapter 11 Webquest:
Ancient Greece
Chapter 13 Webquest:
Ancient Rome

8th Grade Social Studies:
8th grade Social Studies will cover Colonial America to Reconstruction after the American Civil War. Students are responsible for reading, note taking, and homework.

Use the
American Journey textbook website to help with understanding and practice quizzes.

Use these links for class internet activities.
Chapter 6:
Revolution War Trivia
Chapter 7:
Civics Trivia
Chapter 8:
Washington DC map
Chapter 9: Thomas Jefferson
Chapter 11:
Trail of Tears
Chapter 16:
Civil War Newspaper

6th Grade Social Studies:

Grade 6 will be introduced to the geography of our world along with mapping skills. 
The textbook is Geography: The World and its People by Glencoe.

5th Grade Social Studies:

Grade 5 will cover citizenship and a brief overview of American History. 
The textbook used is United States by Harcourt Brace.

7th Grade Reading:
Our new Literature series starting the 2007-2008 school year is Prentice Hall Penguin Edition . Each section has a code to help prepare for tests.

Use these links for class activities:
Radio Days
National Park Brochure

5th, 7th, & 8th Grade Music/Health:
Quarters 1 & 2 are dedicated to music and 3 & 4 are dedicated to health.

7th grade music uses worksheets to learn notes, scales, rhythm, key signs, etc...
8th grade will review the previous years studies and apply them to a musical instrument.

Use these links for music class activities:
Composer's Slideshow (7)
Music Cultures (7)
Composer's Concert Program (8)
Webquest: Music Instruments(5)
Webquest: Instrument Questions(5)

Webquest: Rodgers & Hammerstein (8)

Webquest: George Gershwin (8)

Link here for
Accelerated Reader .

Snow information: 1590AM or



Mr. Rudman's Class Page
Saint Mary's School
Akron, Ohio

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Saint Mary's History:
On November 27, 1887, Saint Mary Grade School opened, and eventually became the first Catholic High School in Summit County. The present building was dedicated in 1917. Saint Mary's is located in the Diocese of Cleveland.