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Create a Composer Slide Show



You are going to learn about famous composers and the times in which they lived.  Then you will create a slide presentation on two composers who come from the same period of music history.

Which composer did you find the most interesting?  Be prepared to list your reasons.


1.  Fold a piece of paper in half three times to make 8 squares.  Number each square from one to eight.  Each square of the folded paper represents one slide of your PowerPoint presentation.  Your first square is your title slide.  The last square will be your bibliography slide.  The rest of the squares (2-7) will be your fact slides.   

2.  Begin to gather your facts by using the links below.   When you find an interesting fact, write it down in one of your squares on the folded paper.  If it doesn't fit in the square, it probably won't fit in the slide.  Keep facts brief and to the point.  

Remember to cite your references.  Be very careful about writing down the Internet address.  It may be easier to copy and paste it somewhere until you are ready to use it.  Your teacher will show you how do to this step.    

3.  After you have created a rough draft of your slide show using your folded paper, check the rubric to make sure you have included all the elements in your draft.  Your teacher will sign off on it.  You may have to redo your draft a few times before it's ready to be turned into a slide show.  Use this draft to begin creating your slide show.    

4.  The last thing you will do is build your slide show using PowerPoint.  Do not add any transition, animations, or special effects until all of your facts, graphics, and sounds have been inserted into your slides.      


Before you begin, you better know some facts.  Click the links below to start gathering your information.  

The Music Room

Medieval Period

Renaissance Period

Baroque Period

Classical Period

Romantic Period

Modern Period

Glossary of Musical Terms

Classical Archives Timeline

This tool will help you construct your slide show.  Your slide show should be at least six slides long.  It should have a title slide, four fact slides, and a bibliography slide at the end.   

Slide Content

Title Page Slide

Include your name, due date, teacher's name, school, a sound file, and a picture of one of your composers.

Composer Biography Slides

Have at least two slides of  facts about your composers.  Each slide must contain at least three facts.  The composers must come from the same time in history.  

Music History Slides  

There must be at least two slides of facts about the times in which your composers lived.  Each slide should contain at least three facts. 

Sounds and Graphics

Each slide must contain graphics and sound files appropriate to the facts. 


Font must be at least 60 points for main titles 32 or more for text.  Font style  must be the same throughout the slide show.

Special Effects

Your slide show should have a theme, slide transitions, special effects and animations.  However, they should not take away from the overall story.

Overall Design

The slides must flow smoothly form one slide to the next.  The font is the same throughout.  The sounds and graphics match the facts. Slide show should be entertaining and informative without being too cluttered or having inappropriate elements that distract from the story.  It should be pleasing to the eye and ear and easily read.