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Composer WebQuest


  You have an exciting job as a concert promoter.  You are able to travel back in time.  You must plan and promote a baroque and classical concert for one of the following composers (your choice).   The music must be from the baroque or classical era, from the list of composers below.  Some questions to consider:   What composer will you represent?  When is the concert?  Where is it held?  What songs will be performed.  Who will you invite? 


Composers to choose from: 

Use these links of music eras to decide on a composer. Middle Ages   Renaissance   Baroque   Classical   Romantic   20th Century



Create a press release and a program for the concert you are planning.  The program should include your composer’s name, birth and death dates, and a short biography.  It also should include 4 pieces you have chosen with important information about those pieces (see sample.)   You need to pick 3-5 “special guests” to include on your program as well.

The press release should state the name of the composer, where the concert is to be held, and the pieces that you’ve chosen to be performed.  Also include a few interesting facts about the composer and/or the music.  The press release is your advertisement for your concert!



1.  Creating a Concert Program

Take time to review the composers.  Choose one that you would like to plan your concert for.  Research deeper into this composer’s life to find out where and when was he born?  Where and when did he die?  Include information on his family, his travels, his job(s), what instruments he played, taught, and/or wrote for, what kind of music he wrote (symphonies? Concertos?  Operas? Ect.) and any other major events in the composer’s life.

Take some time to listen to different pieces your composer wrote.  Pick 4 that you like – try to pick pieces that are contrasting (different from one another.).  Do some research on these pieces using the websites available.  See if you can find out when and where they were composed, if they were dedicated to or inspired by someone, what key the piece is in, how long the pieces is, and if there were any events in the composer’s life that might have influenced this piece.  Make sure you include the full title and what instruments or ensembles the piece was written for (see sample.)

Finally, go back to your biography research and pick 3-5 important people from your composer’s life that you’d like to invite to this concert.  In a few sentences, explain who they are and why they were invited.

2.  Creating a Press Release

A press release is an article written for a newspaper.  See if you can find any pictures of images which are related to your composer.  Design a 1-page flyer to advertise the concert you have planned.  Include all the information listed in the task (composer’s name, place, date, pieces, etc.)    Here's a sample flyer:

Bach Concert Flyer Sample



All Composers General Information:

All Composers Audio Files:


Your project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Hand in a printed copy of your program and your press release. All requirements are met – all information asked for is included in your program and press release
  2. Information used is factual and accurate
  3. Creativity