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Mr. Rudman's Music Questions

Directions: There is a question next to each music note. Read the question, then click on the note to go to a website and find the answer. Write the answer on your worksheet. Click the "Back" button to return to this webpage.

Choose a musical instrument. Listen to its sound. Then write a sentence describing the sound of the instrument. Remember to write the name of the instrument. Repeat with 3 more instruments.

Choose a musical instrument and look at the diagram of the instrument parts. Draw the diagram on your worksheet and label 5 parts of the instrument.

Look at the diagram of the orchestra. If someone played the instrument in Question 2, where would they sit? Answer the question on your worksheet.

Play the Match game. Write your score on the worksheet.

Play the scrambled words game. Which words did you find correctly? How many words did you miss? Answer the questions on your worksheet.