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National Parks Across America


    You are making plans for summer vacation this year.  You have decided to take a trip across America or maybe to another country!  To convince your family that this trip will be worthwhile, you will create a tourism brochure of your favorite national park.


    You will need to consider sites you wish to visit when searching national parks.  Think about reasons that make your chosen park unique! You will create a tri-fold tourism brochure for a National Park.  With the use of Microsoft Publisher or Word, begin your brochure.

The Process


    You will create a 3-fold tourism brochure for your National Park.  This
    brochure must include: Facts about the park,  a description of natural features (waterfalls, forest, rivers, lakes, etc...) ,

    things to do while visiting (fishing, camping, swimming, etc...), and pictures.  You may need to use an Atlas, the library

    or other materials that can be found on the Internet.

    Sites you may wish to visit for  National Park information: