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Pyramid Power


Food!! Do you know what you ate yesterday, why you ate it, and what it did for you?  Did you eat at home or are you a fast food junkie?  Many people canít answer these questions.  There is an easy way to find the answers.  The food guide pyramid can help you in the quest to understand and improve your eating habits.  Whether eating at home or at your favorite fast food restaurant, knowing more about the food you eat can help you make wise food decisions.


The Task

You will be serving on a committee to formulate the menu for a new fast food franchise in your town.  As a committee, you will need to find the most nutritious menu that will meet the specified requirements of a dietitian, a parent, a typical teenager, and a fast food franchiser.  You will have the opportunity to compare various fast food menus as well as what you eat in a typical day.  Be prepared to justify all selections you make.  Look briefly at the following roles and select the one that you would like to do.  As you complete your task, you may need information from others in the group.  Don't hesitate to communicate with them and get the information you need to be successful.  Go to the task for the role you have selected and follow the task outlined there.  Remember that the teacher is also a resource!
Fast Food Franchiser Task
Typical Teenager

The Process

  1. You will be assigned to a group of four students by the teacher.
  2. Each person must choose one of the four roles in the Web Quest.
  3. Follow the instructions/tasks for your chosen role.
  4. Prepare a report based on your findings and recommendations to present to the entire class.
  5. Come together as a group and complete the two tasks as instructed under task for the group.
  6. Share the name, logo, and menu for your new franchise with the class.
  7. Present and explain your food guide pyramids to the class.


Each student will receive a grade based on both individual and group work.  Half of the grade will come from each student's ability to follow directions and complete the individual task.  The other half of the grade will be based on the group task and quality of the completed assignment.  Each student in the group will receive the same grade for the group work.  Remember that group work requires that everyone work and not just a few of the members.  Grades on the individual portion of the assignment may vary, so students in the same group may receive differing final grades for the assignment.


You have learned about the food guide pyramid.  It is used to help you make wise food choices throughout the day.  This can be food you prepare at home or eat at a restaurant.  You are now equipped to make better choices to ensure healthy eating.  If you would like to further the work you have begun here, you may choose one of the following projects:

  1. Design the menu for the restaurant you created
  2. Design the interior of the restaurant you created
  3. Establish the prices for the menu in the restaurant