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You Are A Conductor!

Orchestrating an Orchestra!

A WebQuest for Mr. Rudman's Music Classes


Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? Would you like to know what an orchestra consists of? Do you have any idea how expensive instruments can be? If you were appointed by the mayor of your city to conduct and organize the city orchestra, where would you begin?

The Tasks:

These tasks will help you compose a budget for an orchestra for your city or town. After you have completed the budgeting, you will submit the orchestra financial proposal to your teacher. You will also:

    identify and label different orchestra instruments,

    name and list instruments in their prospective family,

    view other city orchestra web pages,

    collect instrument prices from online catalogs, and

    name and design a logo for the orchestra of your city or town.

The Process:

In order to complete the WebQuest with presentable responses and productions, it is important that you follow the steps listed below. Each resource listed has specific instructions to assist you in your musical experience.
1. There are many instruments in the orchestra. Here is a helpful site to learn about the instruments. You will take a quiz at Guess the Instrument to see if you can identify the instruments you see. You will print your grade after the tenth picture. (not a recorded grade) Then try the quiz for the instruments you hear. Print out a copy to save.

2. The orchestra is comprised of four main instrument families. You will find the brass, wind, percussion, and string families. Select three instruments from each family. Make a chart placing the correct instruments in their proper family. Use this site about the orchestra to help find out more information. Use WORD with your name; make 4 textboxes, title and add the info.

3. Orchestras are in a number of cities. You will view three different famous orchestras from around the world. You will write down the orchestras' web address. You must also write one paragraph about each orchestra. Use WORD to complete this. Remember your name.

4. Orchestra instruments can really be costly. You will fill-in a spreadsheet of instruments prices for the four sections of the orchestra. Fill this in,You must submit your spreadsheet as a budget proposal to your teacher. Also, try Lentine's Music and this site. Remember to SEARCH for what you need. and another site. for more prices. And another site!

5. Now that you have researched and organized your own orchestra, what will you call it? How will your orchestra be recognized from others? You must create a name and logo for your newly formed orchestra. Make this the cover page for all your work. Make sure YOUR name is on it!

The Evaluation:









Identify and label different orchestra instruments


Does not recognize instruments by sight and sound.
Only recognizes instruments by sight or sound.
Recognizes most instruments by sight and sound.
Recognized instruments by sight and sound and recorded game winning totals.
Name and list instrument families

Unable to name or list instrument families.
Can only name instrument families.
Can name and list some instruments in the correct family.
Named and listed instruments in the correct family and produced a chart of them.
Research of different famous orchestras
Did not give web addresses for famous orchestras.
Only produced web addresses for famous orchestras.
Produced only two web addresses and a written paragraph for each one.
Produced three web addresses and a written paragraph for each one.
Find orchestra instrument prices for budget proposal


Did not produce any orchestra instrument prices.
Produced a list of  orchestra instrument prices on paper.
Produced an incomplete spreadsheet for orchestra instrument proposal.
Submitted and completed spreadsheet for orchestra instrument budget proposal.
Create a name and design a logo for your orchestra
Did not submit a name or logo for the orchestra.
Submitted a name for the orchestra.
Submitted a logo for the orchestra.
Submitted a name and logo for the orchestra.


Great job musicians! By now, you should have some idea as to what it takes to pull an orchestra together. The next time you see an instrumentalist or conductor, you will have great respect for that person because you know what they must go through to produce such wonderful harmonies and melodies!