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Thomas Jefferson
thomas jefferson

The Big Question:

Why is it important to study about a non-Ohioan and his
contributions to our state history?


The Task:

Working in groups of three or four, you will be researching Thomas Jefferson.  It is your quest to become an expert on him and his life.  Your group will then create one PowerPoint presentation.  This presentation will be used to teach the rest of your classmates about Thomas Jefferson. You will do most of your research on the internet. 


The Process:

Step 1.  You and your partners will work together during the research time.  This activity will allow you to become an expert on Thomas Jefferson.  The teacher will announce when the research will begin and end.  You be allowed only two days to research so make them count!

Step 2.  During this step you will need to work cooperatively to create one PowerPoint.  This PowerPoint will be used to teach the rest of the class about Thomas Jefferson!  Be creative and have fun as a group, remember everyone has good ideas!

Step 3. Some ideas to research and include: Birth, childhood, family, education, jobs, colonists, presidency, documents, inventions.

Step 4. Organize all your information. Include at least one picture on each page. Try to have 4-6 slides with one slide as a title and the ending slide as a bibliography. Everyone in the group must contribute 1 slide and have their name on the bottom right corner of their slide.

Step 4.  The Final step in this activity will be to present your PowerPoint to the class!  Remember everyone will explain their slide presentation!