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Washington, D.C. WebQuest


You are planning a trip to Washington, D. C. and want to do some research.  Use the links below to help you find information about Washington, D. C. -- where it is located, museums, and memorials.

You may also need to use other search sites to help you; sites such as,, and


The Quest An Overview of What You Will be Doing...

You will be using maps and web sites to find information. All your information will be presented on two to three pages. 

In the first step you will be locating Washington D.C. and making a map to get there.

In the second step you will need to locate 3 government buildings and 3 museums. List the address, year built, and 3 sentences explaining the purpose of the building/museum. You will be able to use the links provided and others to help obtain this information.

During your virtual tour be certain to save pictures and important information. You may paste them into your Word document.

The Process and Resources

Step 1 - Page 1 - Background: 

This is page 1:

1. Begin your project by starting a new Word document with your name header.

2. Now begin your first page:   Make a textbox that will include all the states you drive through to get to Washington DC. Also include the distance in miles and time it would take to travel from school.  (see link below)

The ZIP code for Washington, D. C. is 20001.

Saint Mary Zip code 44311

3. Find a tour map of Washington, D. C. Copy and paste the tour map into your document.  (see link below (1994 map is best))

 Check page 1 carefully:
A) Start your document with your class header. 

B) The names of states you drive through to get to Washington, D.C., the approximate driving time and distance.

C)  The TOUR MAP of Washington D.C.

 Save Your Document!!!!!  


Step 2- Page 2

Now's the time to complete your Word document. Choose 3 government buildings and 3 museums. Use some of the choices from the links above.

A) Think of a way to layout the page to fit your 6 locations or use two pages.  3 Government Buildings and 3 Museums.

You can try the INSERT TABLE command and make 2(3) rows and 3 columns.  (ask for help)

B) Watch font size! You DO NOT have much room here!

C) Include picture of each building, address, year built, and brief summery or history of building. 

D) Save, spell check, proofread and print. 

E) Attach your printed map and turn in.

You have completed Mr. Rudman's Washington DC tour. I hope you are able to make it to Washington DC in the future. If you do, remember the places you have researched today.

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